I love adventure.  And I have been fortunate enough to have travelled afar to seek this.  I could back then.  My husband and I were a young couple, with reasonable incomes and not a lot to spend them on.  But now our lives have changed. The closest thing we get to adventure these days is climbing to the highest point of a foam climbing frame in a soft play facility. Having a family will do this to you.  And it has also changed our perception of holidays. Gone are the Sydney Bridge Climbs, the Ayrs Rock tours, the flights over the Grand Canyon and the 24 hours gambling in Vegas.  These are now replaced with a damp caravan, soggy chips for dinner and drinking warm wine in a grubby Club House, whilst we look on lovingly at our children dancing with a giant bear and doing the can-can with some ex CITV presenter.

But whilst I have experienced holidays in this country, I have not seeked ACTUAL adventure on my door step.  So when I was contacted and asked to spend a virtual £1,000 on a grand adventure, my first thought was to take my family on a two week holiday driving the coastal route of England, and sampling all the delights our UK seaside towns have to offer. 

I read a book once by a very talented, funny and witty Author Ben Hatch.  The book followed a family as they travelled around Britain in their car and experienced the country of their origin through the eyes of a tourist, not as a resident. This experience opened their eyes to not only the beauty of this country, but to the pitfalls of being a traveller both on our roads, and at close proximity to their loved ones.  I was hooked.  Not only on the book, but on the idea of exploring our country in such a way.

Now this is most peoples idea of hell. A family holiday, travelling around the coast of England and seeing the best our country has to offer. But to me this is perfection. I work full time, I try to workout and be social. I also try to be the best parent I can be whilst doing this but the guilty devil on my shoulder will always take over. Am I spending enough time with my children? Do they really know me? Do I really know them? So my Great British Adventure starts with family values at the forefront. We ARE going to spend time with each other and this is the perfect way.

But where to start?  England really is quite literally a drop in the ocean compared to the other countries I have visited.  My normal adventures overseas would normally start and end at an airport.  This is for me the start of my holiday.  I recall a conversation I had many years ago with a good (foreign) friend of mine.  I was mid-moan about the weather, and the general awfulness of this country when she reminded me that when the sun is shining, there is no better place to be than on a British beach.  When I thought about this she was 100% correct.  And the beach I could picture at that time was Perranporth in the beautiful Cornwall.  You don't get much more British than this County with its cream teas, scones and endless sandy beaches!  So THIS is where I will chose to start my grand adventure, and this will be the start of showing my children the beauty of the country they were born.

I have wonderful memories of seaside holidays with my family.  I also have some pretty awful ones which normally involved the weather. But putting this aside I can think of no better way of spending a virtual £1000 on a great family adventure holiday.

How would you spend yours?

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