Like most people in Britain, this weekend was spent enjoying the sun. 

The added bonus of course that I got to spend lots time with my husband and children.  This quality time is somethng that I treasure as I spent a lot of time out of the house (work, nothing too exciting) and therefore away from my family.

Whilst I was in the home, it made me think about how I would be if things were different. If I was able to spend my full time working hours, being a full time Mum and Housewife.

My current role of Mother is polar opposite to how those 1950's housewifey type Mums were portrayed.

I work full time for one.  So I do not have dinner on the table for my hard working husband when he returns from the office.  The reality is that I am walking in the front door whilst my husband and children are finishing their dinner.  I normally rustle up somethng quick and easy for me, and wolf it down before starting the evening chores.  1950's housewifey wouldn't have done that.  She would have been able to produce an amazing meal from rations, whilst looking everso glamourous (so not the smeared mascara and frown lines I seem to sport after a day at the office then?).

There are however, signs that I possibly COULD be that 1950's housewifey if circumstances were different, and actually (feminists be warned...) quite enjoy it.

Yes I am busy from the moment I step through the front door, but I still insist in making my husband's packed lunch up, and my kids lunches.  And as much as this could be seen as part of my controlling nature of knowing they are eating well, its still a nice "Mummy" thing to do.  I can stand with the other Mum's at the school gates knowing that I have contributed just a bit to the lifestyle they seem to lead so effortlessly.

I sort socks.  Yes I moan about this, and spending the best part of an hour recently sorting the socks and a weeks worth of washing certainly didn't inspire me with well being (or to do the rest of the housework, I grabbed a beer instead and watched Eastenders), but again I did feel that I was fulfilling my duty as wife and mother.

When we go away, I will be the one to pack the picnic to ensure we are all fed.  When on holiday, I start the day for my family with a large brunch to fill them up until we (hopefully) eat out.

Its not just the household chores and food. My husband and I seem to have fallen into certain roles wth our family life.

This weekend I was thinking just that whilst watching my two boys trail behind their father walking across the cricket field.  When we sat down to watch I was happily laying back in the sun watching the boys play a game of cricket with their Daddy.

As the kids get older, its clear now that they gravitate to wanting to spend more time with their Dad.  This doesn't upset me.  Their Dad is their hero, this is a good thing.  Im boring.  I sort socks and make the packed lunches up.  But for now this suits us.  For once, I am ready to conform, and embrace the 1950's concept of motherhood and being a wife, with a little modern twist.

i would be interested to know how many of you, given the choice would happily conform the the housewife role?

30/5/2012 04:35:27

I have conformed and I quite enjoy it now. To start with staying at home all the time was really weird and I thought I'd go crazy but now I find things to keep us all amused and it's not so bad x

30/5/2012 05:12:55

Thats great Gina. Its lovely that its suited you and the family now

30/5/2012 05:05:29

I almost conform! I did many years in stressful, long hours sales and management roles but through some bad luck and poor choices, I ended up redundant four times in two years. My wife was working a few part days each week and we made the decision to swap over - she went full time, then changed jobs and has been studying (and now qualified) to be a management accountant. She's now earning as much as I used to, so I have the chance to earn less and do more at home.

My job as a postman is stress free. But the best thing is that I don't work Mondays or Tuesdays. Every other week day, I start at 6am (after getting up at 5am and making lunch for three boys) and work till 8am, then go home and pack up the little one and take him to school. Back to work at 9am and am finished by 2pm so home in time to collect him from school and be home when the bigger two get home off the school bus.

I do the cooking, shopping, and keeping the place tidy. My wife does the washing over the weekend and the three boys help her hoover, dust and clean bathrooms on a Saturday morning when I am at work.

Overall, a reasonable share of the duties based on free time, but I do get to see more of the boys (which they like, as at 15, 13 and 9 they are most defo boys' boys and we have a laugh).

I have dinner ready every day for when my wife walks in - there's evening clubs and events to work around, so dinner time is normally half-five or six. Sunday roast is done every week and we eat all the meals around the table - everything is very 1950's :-)

30/5/2012 05:15:12

It sounds like you have a great little team going on there with your family life. Well done!


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