I love learning.  I wish I had realised this more at school and college which may have enabled me to knuckle down more, but what I didn’t realise at the time was that I was only interested in learning about things I was passionate about.  It was no coincidence therefore that I was able to get my highest GCSE marks in English and History (both subjects I enjoy immensely) and I was dire at everything else. I was lucky enough to obtain a merit in my Business and Finance qualification (Karen Brady eat your heart out!) and this has set me in good stead throughout my career and for that I am grateful.

However, there is something that I has always been interesting to me my whole life, and it has taken me a long time to finally
realised this could be my destiny. It has evolved over the last couple of years and has left me feeling the healthiest and happiest I have ever felt in my life, thus wanting to “pay” this feeling forward to others. I have finally entered into my dream to become a Personal Trainer (with a few specialities up my sleeve!) and the very steep learning curve started late this year.

I would like to credit a few people who have made this decision easier for me; my husband and family for their amazing support with this decision who have given me the courage to finally take this step; the people we have loved and lost who
have given me the “life is too short” attitude and just go for it  and the people in the fitness industry who through their blogs, podcasts, articles and inspiring stories have made me realise that this IS possible and to make a real go of it!

I realise the level of commitment I am taking on.  As you know I work full time in a job I am also passionate about, and I have two young children that are my priority. I am also training for the London Marathon in April, and after writing that I do realise that I am quite QUITE mad! But life is for living, taking chances, and spending it as happy as you can. This decision makes me happy.

So as I say goodbye to a very testing, yet wonderful 2013, I welcome 2014 and the changes it will bring.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you and there will be a few changes to this blog as I venture through this journey.  

I wish you a very Happy New Year.  May it deliver all your dreams.


Last night whilst rummaging through my eldest son’s school book bag, I found a letter which made me smile:

“Dear Parent/Carer

We would like to invite you to attend this months PSA (Parent Staff Association) meeting in the hope that you will continue to join us as your child’s class representative at future meetings.”

I stopped reading at this point, shoved it straight in the junk draw and continued on with the other 101 jobs that I had to complete before bedtime.

The reason this kind invitation made me smile, wasn’t because I was happy to be given the opportunity to take part in these meetings, nor was I content in the knowledge that I would be able to consider it.  No the reason I had to stop myself from stuffing it into my mouth to conceal the laughter was because I have NO TIME!

Of COURSE I would love to be part of this.  In the same way that when they ask us to contribute towards the cake sale, that I would love to spend all afternoon with my children lovingly stirring cake mixture in a bowl, whilst they happily lick their fingers and glance up at my flour dusted face in awe of my amazing cooking abilities (this doesn’t happen by the way).

I would also love to volunteer for their school tip next week.  I could think of nothing better than to hold my son’s hand walking around a wildlife park, smug in the knowledge that I am spending this quality time with him whilst also impressing the teachers with my super mum abilities.  But again, this won’t be happening.

So yet again, last nights school letter made me feel like a bad Mum.

I SHOULD be doing all these things but I can’t.  I physically have not got the time or the brain capacity (being blonde of course…!) to do this stuff. I do my best, but there really are only so many hours in the day and when you work full time, the productive hours are taken up working,

So to lessen the guilt, (I blame the Catholic upbringing, the guilt NEVER leaves you!) I spent an extra 15 minutes with the boys at bedtime reading to them, discussing their day and encouraging them to read to settle themselves down for the evening.

I then continued to job number 84 on the list of things to do before bedtime….

Does anyone else suffer from the same “no time to be a proper Mum” guilt?