My peep-toe beauties

At the end of this month I am faced with the ultimate style challenge (for me anyway!).  We have been invited to a wedding AND a christening which are not only on the same weekend, but at the same church and among the same guests! 

It is at times like this that I envy the male members of my household.  Their formal-wear decision-making involves holding three ties up and asking someone (me) what colour should be worn for which occasion.  I answer honestly, whilst flinging every item of clothing I own out of the wardrobe and pullng my hair out in sheer panic - "I have NOTHING to wear" shrieks a hysterical voice from under a mountain of (mostly unworn) dresses.

So when the UK's largest online wardrobe Zalando (www.zalando.co.uk) got in contact asking me to review their clothing, I jumped at the chance to add more dresses to my pile (and shoes, and handbags, and accessories!).

My first impression of the website was a good one.  There is SUCH a variety with a price to suit any budget.  Ever the sharp shopper, my eyes were drawn straight away to the "sale" option and deciding that it was best to start from the bottom up, I stumbled across these beauties:


Priced at a very modest £19, these shoes are quite literally perfect for BOTH my occasions.  And seeing as we are staying overnight in a hotel, only having to pack the one pair of shoes is an added bonus.

I have a very high instep, which means I struggle in shoes that are too high.  I LOVE the look of the highest of heels but unfortunately for me, the minute I try and walk in them, I take on a shocking resemblance to a baby giraffe trying to walk across ice. So the heels on these shoes are just perfect.  I am able to stride confidently across a room without the fear of falling or slipping.  It also means I am comfortable pulling myself up to my full 5ft 9inches height without having to duck under doorways or bend down to hold my childrens' hands!

They are comfortable, classic, timeless and extremely well priced. I cannot wait to wear them with my chosen outfits which were chosen from the "Cocktail Dresses" section of Zalando. Can you guess which ones I went for out of the 2,242 dresses to choose from?!


Keep your eye on future blog posts to find out which ones I chose, and of course how they looked with these amazing shoes!

Zalando offer free delivery on all clothing and if in stock, your clothes are with you within 5 days.

What has been your recent bargain buy?

This blog post is a sponsored post on behalf of www.zalando.co.uk

Love these-very pretty!




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