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Take a good look at the pictures above.  Not only do these character cakes look amazing, the vanilla sponge centre is as mouth watering as it sounds.

For two years on the spin I have tasked Hertfordshire-based Big Mama's Bakery to make my son's birthday cakes.  Not only are their bespoke designs imaginative, they also have a very appealing "give it a go" attitude which is usually missing from the bigger bakery chains.

Their founder Emily Gubby, uses her passion and talents together beautifully, and being a mother of four already she is experienced in what children require of their character cakes. 

The proof lies in the taste of these creations.  Appealing to the children, they are even more appealng to the adults when cut up and dished out at birthday parties.

Although their exceptional talent lies in creating character cakes, Big Mama's Bakery offer many other services including securing a gap in the market to provide bulk order cakes for those birthday office dilemma's where the local supermarket simply will not do.  Surprise your colleagues with some delicious peanut brittle or tasty meringues as a popular alternative to cream cakes.

And the additional bonus? Their prices are extremely competitive.  Seriously, check these guys out.

I would urge you to check out their website as soon as possible and look at their gallery of amazing cakes. 

7/8/2013 18:10:31

Wow these look amazing! About to order A's christening cake. Wonder if they can make it gluten free so I can indulge too!

7/8/2013 18:15:43

I will pass on your comments!


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