I  had a conversation recently with a peer.  This peer happened to be a work colleague and I was trying to explain the benefits of social networking in the work place.

Now I have to add that work colleague is from the generation above me.  They have survived life away from Sky television, mobiles and even faxes (as have I), but they have just spent that little bit longer than me doing so.

The conversation went as follows:

Me: "Ah, just tweeted out that promotion, time for a coffee".
Colleague:  "tweeted?"
Me: "Yes as in twitter.  I have put a message on twitter to all the people who follow us about that promotion".
Colleague:  "Followers?"

You see some people just don't get it.  And never will.

Don't get me wrong.  When facebook was first introduced to me, the only experience I had of social networking was the kids (I speak of others, the younger generation, not my own kids who were not around then!) talking about MySpace.  Oh and a bit about chat rooms.  But when I recieved that invitation to Facebook I had just given birth to my eldest son and wanted to show him off to the masses, which I did.

Admittedly Twitter took a little longer to get used to.  But now I flit between the two depending on what social (ahem sorry SOCIAL network) mood I am in, or depending on the needs of my business.

However when talking to the people who just don't the whole social networking thing, I do feel like I need to elborate on the language.  Have any of these appeared in the Oxford Dictionary yet?


Mmm put like that I can see what they mean.

Do you "get" social networking?

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