I blogged recently on my exposure to hormonal pregnant women.  These pregnant women are now starting to pop the babies out left, right and centre and it really has confirmed things for me good and proper - I. DONT. WANT. ANY. MORE. KIDS.

This is not a decision I have just made.  I knew from the minute I held my youngest son in my arms that I was NEVER going through that again.  It was such a relief to finally come to the end of my pregnancy and meet my little bundle that I swore there and then I would have no more.

This revelation may upset the PM's (Proper Mummy's) out there.  Yes I was extremely lucky to have fallen pregnant in record time with my two children (much to my husband's dismay there wasn't much "practising"), and up until I had children I had always wanted three children (having experienced the cost of having just two I have no idea how normal people survive financially with more than that).  But pregnancy to me was a means to an end.

I make it sound like I had a rotten time and wanted the pregnancies over and done with.  This is not the case.  Apart from a mild case of SPD (Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction) I sailed through my pregnancies.  Of course I had all the usual ailments, but I did not suffer from morning sickness, nor did I go off any food (I wish, it was the opposite!), nor did I have any major back pain.  Both of my children were born exactly a week early, with very simple and quick births where I did not require any stitches or medical intervention (including pain relief....this I may add was not a choice, I was SCREAMING for some but I was "too far gone" apparently - what do they know?)

I just wanted to see my babies, and lived for every scan so I could get a glimpse at the little bundles.

I breast fed for the minimal amount of time (I had wine to drink, it had been a while) and a body to get back into shape.  I was looking forward to getting back to work and more importantly, was looking forward to living my life with my two beautiful children, knowing that I had so much to look forward to.

So now they are pretty self sufficient.  My youngest starts school in September and things are FINALLY starting to get easier.  So when I held my friends new born baby in my arms last week I cooed, mmmm'd and arrrr'd.  I stroked his little cheek and rubbed his little nose. I fell in love instantly with the little bundle.  But when he started to squirm and produce something very sticky and smelly down below I happily passed him back to my friend (who has 3 other children I may add) and thanked my lucky stars that I didnt have to go through all that again.

I had another reminder of my firm decision at a picnic at the weekend.  I was happily sat back with a glass of wine in my hand watching my two gorgeous boys running around the park together, whilst my friend battled with her toddler.  He knocked glasses over, he picked up mud, he tried eating the mud, he cried, he filled his nappy, he toddled off everywhere he shouldn't do and my friend looked exhausted.  I carried on drinking, and smiled smugly.

Oh but I'm not a rotten person. I certainly do not want this blog post to come across as me being a selfish Mum.  That is SO not the case.  I think I'm a pretty good Mum.  My children are my world and I want to give my two children everything that I can.  But I also want to have a little piece of my life back and this is just starting to happen.

So to all the parents out there, are you done? Or are you looking to bake some more lovelys to add to your brood?

I think you know my take on the matter......!

2/7/2012 07:33:00

I always knew that I would like at least 2 children but after the second was born, I just didn't feel 'finished' if you know what I mean? Life felt too easy and as I like a challenge, we went for a third. We now have two girls and a boy....our family is complete and we certainly won't be having any more, too old!

2/7/2012 17:57:19

Suzanne, it was that completion that I felt after my youngest! Thanks for your comment.

2/7/2012 16:31:00

Fantastic post-beautifully written and great to know what you want. I always dreamt of 3 kids and wanted a big family (a bit sad there was only my brother and I)-but with number 2 on the way soon I might well change my mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts x

2/7/2012 17:59:27

Thanks Vicki. Bring on the babies for you!

2/7/2012 16:59:01

Hmmmmmmmm maybe just one more......!!!

2/7/2012 17:59:52


2/7/2012 17:02:04

I don't think you're selfish. In fact, I could have written your post as you sound exactly like me! I've had the two small ones, and they're now 4 and 8 and I don't think I could go back to the baby years again, especially as things are starting to get a bit easier!
Love them both lots, but couldn't go through the baby bit again! :-)

2/7/2012 18:01:05

Glad I'm not alone Wendy!
Thanks for your comments

Lesta Foskett
4/7/2012 06:30:19

I have 2 sets of twins, 6 and 4 years old. This year it's like I can finally breathe again, so no more for me! I want to enjoy my children now as well as my life when I'm not being Mummy :-)

4/7/2012 18:08:30

Wow you must be exhausted! TAke a well earned breather. Thanks for your comments.


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