Well all know one, may be two.  If you have lots of friends you may even have half a dozen.  They lurk within the realms of their Ipads, Iphones, lap tops and work desk tops.  Waiting, just waiting for the oppurtunity to worm their way out and try and make you feel as small as possible. 

I am talking, of course, about the Facebook Braggers.

Ok ok, I know we ALL have an element of this inside of us.  What's the point of updating our status unless its to shout something from the roof tops?  We all do it.  But there are some who do it ALL THE TIME.

Quite recently I have been on the verge of deleting a certain someone from my friends list because of this.  Once intrigued about this persons life (as we used to be back in the day when Facebook was a novelty), I now have the urge to make negative comments every time they post an update (I never do).  They irritate the hell out of me with their daily comments that seem to somehow have the knack of touching every fibre of every nerve in my body.

If I have had a rough night with the kids, you can bet your bottom dollar that this person will post the next morning about the amount of sleep they have had and how they are feeling refreshed.  Money worries? Its a dead cert that this person will post about a bonus they have been given or how they are booking their next luxurious holiday.  Crap day at the office?  Ah dont worry this person has just got a promotion.  And those days when the kids have been absolute devils? Their cherubs and their achievements are plastered all over my timeline.

I sound mean, bitter and jealous.  Its not how its meant to come across.  But sometimes the Facebook Braggers we all know and detest can get right on our humps.

So will I ever delete them?  I doubt it.  Its not their fault really.  They are doing what we all do.  Being proud of the good things in their life and why not at the end of the day? 

And besides, I have every certainty that I am someone elses Facebook Bragger, but they wont be so rude as to blog about me....yet!

DISCLAIMER: This blog post has NOT been advtertised on Facebook.

11/6/2012 22:04:42

True...but I love FB....I love the fact it's people I know...not people I have a marginal thing in common with. I delete at will and have no regrets...but generally I ignore. I don't have enough time to care...I'm only reading this and replying because I'm off work sick :-) x

11/6/2012 22:47:00

Thanks for your comment. I hope you get well soon!x

11/6/2012 22:57:23


12/6/2012 07:57:09

I think we all have someone like that on fb x

25/6/2012 06:25:43

All too true, I think everyone has a bragger but I bet it isn't quite as picturesque as they paint their lives to be!!!! Brilliant blog xxx

25/6/2012 17:41:11

I agree Julia, thank you for your comment!

3/9/2012 02:15:25

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10/9/2012 03:51:11

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