I attended a 5th brthday party recently (nothing unusual in that - Its widely known that my children have a better social life than me!).  This party was the classic kind, you know with pass the parcel, musical statues and musical bumps.  The kind of party we have all had the pleasure of attending as children ourselves and now drag our own little darlings along to.

What stood out to me at this party was just how much my eldest son has inherited my competitive streak. (chip of the old block).  Having nearly given himself severe cramp all over from standing as still as he could, he made it to the final two of musical statues.  If it wasnt for another eagled-eyed Mum spotting his flickering eye lid (Hayden, WHY did you have to blink!?!) he'd have won.

So as he skulked off leaving the other child basking in his victory I said all the things I was supposed to:

"Never mind darling, you did really well" I enthused.
"I wanted to win Mum" he barked.
"I know angel, but you were very good and it was only because he didnt blink", I encouraged.

Content that I had done enough of the "encouraging Mum" bit, I let him trot off.

However, I was seething.

He SHOULD have won.  He was the BEST!  And whilst I was sat there with a silly proud grin on my face throughout the game, the grin was actually a grimace.  Willing it end so that I could see my son, yes MY son the best musical statue player in world win a bag of sweets.

Yes I am aware I have a problem......I am fiercely competitive.  This is perhaps not a bad thing.  My competitive streak has seen me through many (and subsequently successful) job interviews.  I have exceeded sales targets and improved on many a race time when running.  I have also lost sleep over getting the best report for college, got stressed over the quality of my work, and literally thrown up whilst crossing the finishing line at one particular 5k race whilst having to get past a runner from the rival running club.

This streak has lessened over the years because it has had to.  Becomng a parent has calmed me because being the control freak I am, I cannot control my children's personalities.  I can no longer flit from one job to another to achieve more, because my family life requires some stablity (and locality).

I can however adapt my competiveness to suit my current lifestyle.  I recently took part in the London Moonwalk and managed to get a personal best on my time (without throwing up or causing any injury).  I am able to get the most hits on my website at work because I can control the content, and I can also work on my running speed at the gym rather than competing in 100's of road races.

The kids sports days are coming up soon.  Most parents are excited, maybe a little nervous for their children.  I on the other hand am staying focused and have only one race in mind.  The Mum's race that I WILL win. 

God help my boys....!